Long Island Veterans Services Directory

Agency Title:
CATHOLIC CHARITIES (Freeport, Bayshore, Medford)

Category: HousingMental Health
Contact Name: See specific personnel in the full description
Contact Phone: Freeport (516) 623-3322, Bayshore (631) 665-6707,


Mental Health:

Provides clinical treatment and counseling. Main contact lines for the clinics:
Freeport (516) 623-3322, Bayshore (631) 665-6707, Medford (631) 654-1919

Peer Support also offered through Catholic Charities. For the Freeport location, contact Lori Pagano, LCSW (516)-623-3322 x151. For all other locations, a peer support group is hosted every other month for any veterans in the community. Contact Joe Silva (516)252-7552 or Lisa-Marie Mosquera (516)523-7249.



Through Project Veterans’ Independence, Catholic Charities offers scattered two bedroom apartments and case management for chronically homeless veterans with either one or a combination of the following:

  • A history of substance or alcohol abuse,
  • a diagnosis of an Axis I mental illness,
  • living with HIV/Aids.


Veterans must have a valid DD-214 with anything except “dishonorable” discharge status, proof of homelessness (self-statement OK), and proof of income (to pay for utilities).

Contact: Joe Silva (516) 252-7552 or Lisa-Marie Mosquera (516) 523-7249. Catholic Charities also offers program for HUD Homeless Veteran or family members Contact: Lynn Destefano at (516)634-0012 ext. 154, or Paul Marder at (516)634-0012 ext. 141.


Web Site: www.catholiccharities.cc/- Click Here