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Association for Mental Health & Wellness - Housing

Category: Housing
Contact Name: Wilkens Young
Contact Phone: 631-924-8088



At the very core of the Association for Mental Health and Wellness Suffolk County United Veteran Project is our belief that no Veteran should ever be homeless. Therefore, we offer a variety of housing options that meet the needs of each individual, as they connect with support and resources that build stability and new-found direction and dignity.

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Emergency Shelter Services
The homeless Veteran is provided clean, safe, highly-supported, 24-hour supervised housing. The Veteran meets with professional intake staff who works alongside the Veteran to provide a person-centered initial case plan that identifies personal goals and needs. Peer support assists the Veteran to successfully stay on course to achieve their plan objectives. The SCUV Project offers a specialized track for Veterans who are struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health concerns. This track includes onsite supports with linkage for treatment and self-help.

Transitional Housing
As the Veteran further engages in activities which support their objectives, he/she will be moved to our Transitional Housing. At this point, Veterans are engaged in financial management, vocational/educational training or job readiness activities, including securing employment. In transitional housing, SCUV Project staff care managers continue to provide support for mental health and/or substance abuse treatment, including vital self-help and peer support.

Permanent Housing
For the Veteran who has achieved and maintained employment and secured housing, the SCUV Project offers several routes to permanent housing. To reach this goal, SCUV Project staff ensures that the Veteran achieve a firmly established support network. When able and appropriate, Veterans who achieve permanent housing are commonly asked to serve as a peer mentor to other homeless Veterans.

Supportive Senior Housing
For Veterans who are Seniors or have disabilities, the SCUV Project offers ongoing case management services while they continue to live independently.





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